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In these challenging times the charity is dispensing with the closing date for applications and will consider requests as they arise.

For an application form for grants contact:

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The 2023 Boundary Review – Initial Proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries

The Boundary Commission for England has today published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries. The proposals and maps for the nine English regions have been published on the website today. The eight-week public consultation period has commenced. This will be the first time the public will get a chance to see what their new constituencies might look like, and give the Commission their views on the proposals.


For the 2023 Review, the Commission is promoting use of a specifically-designed consultation website as the primary tool for displaying our proposals, and receiving comments on them. This is available at

This website is under review at this present time and will be revised and or amended to reflect the current Website Accessibility Requirements A.S.A.P. 


The Public Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

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Dog owners are reminded of their social and legal responsibilities to clean up dog faeces, and to dispose of the bags in their home wheelie bins or the four public bins in the village. In addition to being unsightly, smelly and unpleasant, dog faeces carry diseases that affect livestock & humans.

The Parish Council have written to SDC – Dog Warden Services – to ask for regular visits – where instant fines will be implemented.

Stirring Coffee


2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month  

10.30-12 noon


Chilton Polden

Church Hall 


Chilton Polden Parish Clerk

Tim Hayne T. 07900 242 114


Parish Council Meetings are
held every Second Wednesday of each month at Chilton Polden Church Hall and open to any parishioners wishing to attend. 

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